Polish Dance Platform in Gdansk, 5-8 September 2019

The Polish Dance Platform event, hosted in Gdansk between 5-8th September, will bring together and promote the most innovative and original dance productions, produced or choreographed by Polish artists, to polish and international guests. The platform will include other networks, such as The Open Platform, in a series of discussion panels and accompanying events that will extend the scope of the Polish Dance Platform to include and enable dialogue between artists and viewers. The Platform is being organised by the Institute of Music and Dance, and The Polka dot Foundation which, in association with The Teatr Dada von Bzudolw Association, was selected through a national contest to co-organiser.

Gdansk will be a unique host of the Polish Dance Platform because of the significant role it had and continues to have in the history of the Polish contemporary dance thanks to its vibrant community of dance artists, and rich cultural infrastructure. Through hosting the platform, Gdansk will also be inviting guests to experience the “European Dance Port” - where tradition and contemporaneity create dance for the future, where an open approach towards diversity and individuality incites innovation, and where spiritual and artistic freedom create an extraordinary atmosphere of continuous change. An atmosphere that inspires individuals to deal with uncommon issues and topics, and stimulates them to creatively engage in social relations and local communities.

The social and political changes that took place in Gdansk’s past, prove that it has always been a revolutionary city. Today, Gdansk is a leader in implementing models of immigrant integration, which allows us to see the city as a truly innovative, centre of cultural exchange, and where dance can become a catalyst for positive change; a “European Dance Port”. In addition to the historical, social and cultural conditions, Gdansk also attracts artists with its openness of local cultural institutions that willingly include dance in their repertoire of artistic events. Viewed as an open landscape of change, the city is an ideal place for artist residencies. Gdansk provides a rich local context, closeness to nature and enables a thorough, multidimensional connection to itself. We believe that, by organizing the Polish Dance Platform through the cooperation and simultaneous involvement of many artists and cultural institutions in Gdansk in 2019, we will also help to develop new models of interdisciplinary residencies for dancers and choreographers.

The Polish Dance platform is a prestigious event organised every two years by the Institute of Music and Dance. The event is hosted in a polish city chosen through a competitive bidding process. This year (2019), Gdansk won the bidding process thanks to the work of Dr. Katarzyna Pastuszak and Urszula Zerek, of the Polka dot Foundation, as well as the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre Association. The results were announced in August 2018 and the news was enthusiastically received by the entire Tri-City artistic community and the country.

As a prestigious event organized every two years by the Institute of Music and Dance in a Polish city, the Polish Dance Platform is a celebration of contemporary dance. The Platform showcases performances that bring together representatives of institutions and organizations from all over Europe and the world, interested in both the art of dance and the local culture. The host of the Polish Dance Platform in 2019 will be Gdansk, thanks to dr Katarzyna Pastuszak and Urszula Zerek and the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre Association, whose offer won the competition. The announcement of this victory in August 2018 was enthusiastically received by the entire Tri-City artistic community and met with many voices of support from all over the country.

So far, the following partner institutions have confirmed their participation in the realization of the Polish Dance Platform in Gdansk in 2019: Wybrzeze Theatre, Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, Baltic Opera, City Theatre Miniatura, European Solidarity Centre, Club Zak, The Baltic Sea Cultural Center together with the St. John's Centre, City Culture Institute. At present, there are also many artists and groups operating in the Tri-City, operating in uniquely different aesthetics, which also reflects the multidimensional character of the Polish dance scene. Among the most active dance artists and companies residing in Gdansk are: Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, Patrz mi na usta Theatre / LEON Theatre, Theatre Cinema Variatino, Sopot Dance Theatre, Amareya Theatre, Good Girl Killer, TO-EN Butoh Company, Dzikistyl Company, Tricity Creative Collective, Anna Steller, Aurora Lubos, Ula Zerek, Natalia Murawska, Danuta Chmielewska.

The most important feature of today's dance landscape seems to be its diversity, maturity and openness to new experiences, exchange and cooperation. The breakthrough point of the late 1990's made Gdansk the most important place on the dance map of Poland and a cradle of new dance trends the city. Following this rapid change, Gdansk dance artists found themselves in a new, demanding reality, more and more often filled with progressive and attractive initiatives. What remains a powerful asset of the Tricity's dance milieu is the close cooperation of artists representing diverse fields of art - musicians, composers, visual artists, poets. This cooperation enables creative exchange of experiences and experimental synergy. Among musicians, visual artists and poets that closely cooperate with Gdansk dance scene are: Pink Freud, Trupa Trupa, Nagrobki, Adam Witkowski, Krzysztof Arszyn Topolski, Michal Gos, Mikolaj Trzaska, Joanna Duda, Malgorzata Walentynowicz, Stefan Wesolowski, Magdalena Mellin, Anna Kalwajtys, Angelika Fojtuch, Honorata Martin, Gosia Golinska, Katarzyna Swinarska, Anna Krolikiewicz, Robert Sochacki.

We believe that the Polish Dance Platform 2019 in Gdansk will enable the guests to experience and explore Gdansk as the multicultural and vibrant “European Dance Port”. It will also help in opening new horizons and catalyze long-term and dynamic development of both the dance field and the cultural life in our city.

More info: polskaplatformatanca.pl